Anima Soma

For this Brand Identity, I had to deal with a 15 years old Yoga studio, called "Anima Soma" and refresh its appearance and identity.

The design of the logo was too difficult, because I wanted to be different than the common yoga logos. I wanted the logo to be fresh, original, minimal and have a second thought and deep meaning. After a lot of study on Yoga field and practice books, the source of inspiration for the logotype design was the classic yoga position and the Zen Stones. 3 Zen stones, one above the other to form the the Sukhasana pose which is the classical yoga posture.

For the Anima Soma I designed its corporate stuff, letterhead, envelope, business cards, promotional flyer and the website.


Published in Good Idea vol. 2 book.

Published in the New Graphic Magazine, issue 28.

Awarded and Showcased in Design and Design International Awards 2012.

Awarded in Hiiibrand International Logo Design Awards 2010.

Participated in 3 Exhibitions for the New Graphic's Magazine and Hiiibrand Exhibitions for the winners of Hiiibrand 2010 in Nanjing and Hangzhou, China.

Awarded in many contests and Featured on a lot of websites.

Anima Soma Identity

Promotional studio's flyer