"O" Yoga & Pilates Medicine School

Brand Identity design for the "O" Yoga and Pilates Medicine School, in England.
The source of inspiration for the Logo/Symbol design was the letter "O", from the Yoga school name, an abbreviation came from the word "Om" (or Ohm or Aum) which is a mystical Sanskrit sound of Hindu origin, sacred and important in various Dharmic religions, and the classic yoga posture. Three circles tangential to each other, equal thickness forming logo's final version.

Logotype/Symbol design process

Logotype Color palette

For the logo's color, I chose to use seven colors. Seven as the number of the Chakra, which are the centers of spiritual power, located on the midline of the human body.

Red - Root chakra, Orange - Sacral chakra, Yellow - Navel chakra, Green - Heart chakra, Blue - Throat chakra, Indigo - Third Eye chakra and Violet - Crown chakra.

"O" Identity

Project published in "Signs, Symbols & Pictograms" book