Published: "Good Idea vol.2"

My Anima Soma Yoga Studio Brand identity is published in the "Good Idea vol.2" book.

The publisher about the book: "GOOD IDEA is the special album of TOP GRAPHIC DESIGN SERIES. We publish it especially because of the significance of the small graphics. The well-designed graphics does not necessarily have to be huge. The small graphics like the business cards, greeting cards, invitation, promotion or identity can also be effective and eye-catching. What the design need is a good idea (innovation). Innovation is the soul of graphics, is the source of graphics. A good idea is always the key to the success of the graphics. A good design is full of intelligence and aesthetic feeling, can convey designer’s idea. To fulfill the information’s transmission, graphics need to choose and recreate the information. In this case, graphics must have a good idea, which can affect the target audiences."

Publisher: Hightone books
ISBN: 978-986-88678-0-2